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Lambs Wool Cot Blankets : Barney's Blue

Ruanui Station
  • $169.00

NZ Made Ruanui Station Premium Blankets are luxuriously soft and lovely against babies delicate skin and is the perfect size for a cot or bassinet, making a wonderful Baby Shower gift.

Made from incredibly fine lambs wool that is grown exclusively at Ruanui Station in the Central North Island of New Zealand. Stunning blankets of exceptional quality. They will become the family heirloom and handed down to the next generation.

These blankets will grow with your child.  They can be folded over for a bassinet/ stroller blanket. The perfect size for the Cot, and are generously sized to move to single bed. 

110cm x 150cm
100% Pure Lambs Wool
100% NZ Made Product

Quick Care Guide:
✔ Dry-clean.
✔ Hand wash in cold water.
✔ Dry in shade (rotate to avoid stretching).
✔ Iron on lowest setting if necessary.

✘ Do not bleach.
✘ Do not machine wash (even on gentle, hand wash, or wool settings).
✘ Do not dry in direct sunlight.
✘ Do not put in the clothes dryer.

With the proper care, Ruanui Station blankets will last for generations. Thanks to the resilient nature of wool, they will rarely need cleaning, just shake and air them in a shady spot outside for a refresh.

If they are in need of a wash, dry-cleaning is the safest and gentlest option. Alternatively, you can hand wash them with a wool-safe detergent and line dry in the shade, rotating to avoid stretching. Using a washing machine, even on a ‘gentle’, ‘wool’, or ‘hand wash’ cycle, can cause the cuticles of the wool fibres to interlock and stiffen. Improper care will result in shrinkage, as could also affect the colour and texture of your blanket.