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Doll Beds, Bedding & Dolls

Your little one will enjoy years of imaginary play with our adorably cute dolls, doll bedding, bassinets, and beds. Just like our organic blankets and bedding, our dolls and accessories are all handpicked with natural materials in mind, so your baby can enjoy the pure joy of play.

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Dolls and accessories for the perfect natural little nursery

Find the perfect companion for your little one with our range of beautiful doll beds, bedding, and dolls.

Whether it’s a miniature mattress, pillow, or blanket, our dolls and accessories are all lovingly hand-crafted from only the purest, most natural materials. Created from sturdy cotton, linen fabrics and hypoallergenic fibre, they’re durable and safe to play with - even when they end up in tiny wee mouths - so they can stand up to the rough and tumble of enthusiastic little fingers.

Inspired by our popular African Baby Moses Basket, our Doll’s African Moses Basket and Rattan Doll's Bassinets are undeniably cute doll-sized replicas that your little one can play with. Plus, our "These Little Treasure" dolls have customisable hair and skin colours so your baby can see themselves in their new little companion.

Our dolls and accessories make the perfect gift for older siblings so they can practice their big brotherly or sisterly duties, or for your little one once they’re born to keep them company for life.