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Nursery Decor

Create a unique space for your little one to flourish with our range of beautiful nursery decor. Whether it’s a unique rattan shelf, rattan wall decor, mirror, nursery mobile, cushion, rainbow tassels;  each of our pieces is sure to add warmth and style to a nursery for your baby.

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Nursery decor that’s a little bit cheeky and a whole lot special

Decorate your nursery with our collection of lovingly hand-crafted nursery decorations and wall art.

Whether you are looking for gorgeous prints for your walls, a crochet or macrame cushion for the iconic corner chair, or a wooden tassel to hang as a distraction on one of our rattan bassinets during changing time, we have something to suit your every need.

Add warmth and style to your couch or favourite nursery chair with a cushion for the perfect balance of cheeky and a whole lot of special. Or hang one of our timber prints, feather wall art, or other assorted wall decorations to attract attention with their bold and beautiful colours.

Turn your nursery into a space bursting with personality and character with a selection of our unique, sustainable nursery decorations. Your little one will grow and flourish surrounded by our range of nursery decor.