• Heirloom African Moses Basket - Diamond 5

Heirloom African Moses Basket - Diamond 5


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Baby Moses Baskets are hand woven in Bolga, northern Ghana by local Artisans, using natural materials provided by the earth so you can be sure there are no chemically laden materials used, particularly important to avoid for newborns.

This Natural moses basket comes with black leather handles with a natural leather stitch design.

Baby Moses Baskets not only look great in the baby nursery but serve a practical purpose too. Baby Moses Baskets are ideal for a newborn baby as they are cosy and the lightweight portability of the basket makes it easy to keep baby close to you wherever you are in your house.

If you need to travel while baby is young, the baby baskets are easy to transport with you to your accommodation unlike a bulky and heavy portable cot.

The Moses Baskets continue to be useful long after baby outgrows them. They can be used for toy storage or a pet’s bed.

Basket measurements may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product but on average will measure approx

75-80cm length x 38cm width x 28cm height.

Mattress options which are the perfect fit for the African Moses Baskets: 

Organic Wool Bassinet Mattress: Small

Ventilated Foam Mattress

Stand Options:

NZ Pine rocking stands are a great fit for these Moses baskets and are available in natural, dark chocolate or white.

We also have a White Folding Moses Stand available.

Important Safety Message:

These moses baskets are not designed to be a carrying device and for safety reasons we do not recommend using the product in this capacity. The intended use of the moses basket is for the baby to sleep or lay still. Always read the safety instructions provided with our moses baskets for guidelines on usage.

Do not use this product when baby begins to push up on their hands and knees or has reached maximum weight of 9kgs, whichever comes first.

Discontinue use of the basket before your baby can sit up by itself.