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Snuggle Hunny Kids Swaddle Pouches

Make swaddling easy with our collection of gorgeous swaddle pouches from Snuggle Hunny Kids. Made with soft, breathable fabric, these swaddle pouches take the hassle out of swaddling, providing premium comfort to the wriggliest babies.

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Soothing swaddle pouches make swaddling easy

Swaddling is a tried and true method of self-soothing, but wrapping babies can be fiddly and time-consuming, especially when your baby is overtired (and you are too!). Even the tiniest babies can wriggle their way out of a slightly loose swaddle, making them startle awake and leaving you to start the settling process all over again.

A swaddle pouch from Snuggle Hunny Kids is the easiest way to wrap your baby, offering them all the benefits of a traditional swaddle. The feeling of closeness and security is essential to a newborn’s wellbeing, which is why swaddling is a great way to help your baby fall asleep (and stay asleep).

Made with the softest cotton jersey, Snuggle Hunny Kids swaddle pouches keep newborns in their preferred sleeping position, with enough stretch to bend at the hips. The pouches prevent babies from wriggling out of their wrap and waking themselves up early.

Available in a range of gorgeous prints and paired with a stylish top knot headband or beanie, Snuggle Hunny Kids swaddle pouches are the perfect gift for a baby shower or new parent.