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Snuggle Hunny Kids Topknot Headbands & Velvet Bows

Add the perfect accessory to your baby’s outfit with Snuggle Hunny Kids topknot headbands and velvet bows. This range of headbands is available in a variety of stunning colours and fabrics that are sure to add a touch of luxurious style to your little one’s wardrobe while being so comfortable your precious babe won’t even know it's on their head!

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Soft, comfortable headbands for timeless style

Snuggle Hunny Kids topknot headbands and velvet bows are a simple, classic accessory that brings your baby’s outfit to life. The wide topknot headbands come in 100% cotton spandex or 100% merino wool to keep your baby’s ears toasty and warm in the most stylish way possible. The velvet bows are perfect for the petite head and made from soft stretch nylon elastic to gently sit in place on even the wriggliest baby.

The affordability of the Snuggle Hunny Kids range makes it easy to build your own collection. Keep a gorgeous selection in your baby bag for an easy way to jazz up your wee one’s outfit when you’re on-the-go.

This timeless collection is 100% natural and available in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit every taste. Find a headband or bow to match any outfit or purchase as the perfect gift for an expecting mum in your life.