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Ecosprout is supporting the Adinkra Project

We at Ecosprout are extremely grateful to be able to partner with Adinkra Designs based in Ghana in Africa. 

To help the good work of Adinkra and AYI Ecosprout will be donating NZD$10 for every Moses Basket, Change Basket and Dolls Basket sold. The donation will go into an account to be transferred to support Adinkra Project and African Youth Initiative Centres (AYI).

Therefore by purchasing one of these baskets you too can be proud of supporting these projects and the wonderful community in Ghana.

Here highly talented Artisans with skilful hands will hand craft our Moses baskets, Change Baskets, Dolls Baskets and Dog Beds. You will see that no two products are ever truly the same. Instead they are unique, special and different! You will find the beauty in knowing that each basket is lovingly made by hand and that there are imperfections, but we accept this as part of the individual beauty and character of the item.

You are not just buying an item made in Ghana Africa, you are taking home a piece of Africa and your product has journeyed far!

These genuine Bolga baskets are exclusively woven by the indigenous Frafra people of Bolgatanga (known as Bolga) in Northern Ghana. For many generations, weaving has been a traditional skill. The infertile soil and harsh climate conditions in the area is not ideal for agricultural based farming so the people of Bolga have found alternate means of making a living through leather crafts, weaving and pottery. 

There is some plant life that will grow in abundance in this region and that is Elephant grass! This robust plant is harvested seasonally and prepared to produce a strong straw fibre that is dyed using traditional plant and non-toxic fabric dyes to produce the beautiful array of vibrant colours that the Bolga baskets are so famously renown for.

All of Adinkra Bolga baskets are double woven to produce strong, flexible and durable products that will last a lifetime to be passed on to generations to come. 

It can take several days for a weaver to complete a medium sized market basket – the Baby Moses Baskets can take up to 6 days to complete!. There is a lot of skill, patience and love poured into each and every basket from Bolga! 

Once the weaving is complete, any remaining bits of straw sticking out are carefully trimmed and the basket is then passed onto a leather worker to complete the handles which are mostly made with leather from goat.

Enjoy your baskets beauty for all its little imperfections and be proud to know your purchase has made a difference in someone’s life.

Giving Back – here at Ecosprout we believe in supporting the local community who lovingly create the baskets we are blessed to sell. We have partnered with Adinkra Designs for this reason, we loved Kelly and Kelvins beliefs and this resonated with us and inspired us to also support and give back.

Kelly and Kelvin have set up Adinkra Project to help support the local Ghana community. They work closely and directly with each Artisan who make the baskets and we love that they support and understand the importance of buying products direct from the artisan to ensure they are being paid adequately for their trade and to support the underlying economic growth of these communities.

Kelly and Kelvin are also involved with a wonderful program called AYI African Youth Initiative Centres #ayicentres

Through their partnership with the African Youth Initiative (AYI), together we are helping grow a network of Youth Centres that focus on giving children a recreational space where they receive tutoring, access to computers, library and sports equipment. Lunch meals are also provided to the children free of charge.   

Education plays a vital role in empowering children to know their value and to gain income-generating skills. Sadly, so many children in Ghana are unable to attend school, as their family simply can’t afford it. According to recent UNESCO statistics, in sub-Saharan Africa, over a fifth of children between the ages 6-11 are out of school. We like to see that changing and do our bit from our part of the world. 


Thank you for taking part in this initiative together with us!