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African Changing Basket - Diamond with Black Handles

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Changing baskets are an innovative design for the modern Mums’ who are looking for something unique to feature in the baby nursery. The changing basket adds natural beauty and warmth to a nursery and is a welcome change to the regular baby changing table.

We at Ecosprout are extremely grateful to be able to partner with Adinkra Designs based in Ghana in Africa. 

To help the good work of Adinkra and AYI Ecosprout will be donating NZD$15 for every Moses Basket, Change Basket and Dolls Basket sold. The donation will go into an account to be transferred to support Adinkra Project and African Youth Initiative Centres (AYI). 

Therefore by purchasing one of these baskets you too can be proud of supporting these projects and the wonderful community in Ghana.

These changing baskets not only look great, they are also practical in that they can easily be relocated around the house so your nappy changing station is never more than an arms length away. Particularly handy for newborns who can fill up their nappies quickly or when you are balancing the needs of a busy toddler and newborn.

Dimensions: 72cm L x 38cm W x 10cm H (please note that these are can differ slightly between each basket as they are handmade)

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