Crochet Hanging Baby/Toddler Swing


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Ecosprout macramé Baby swings are handmade in Indonesia by talented artisans. With beautifully crafted rattan curved framing and natural coloured cotton, these are a wonderful gift and can be placed in a nursery, outdoor coverage seating area, playroom, or living room - this swing will fit beautifully with any type of décor.

This children's swing can create a wonderful outdoor setting and can be hung outdoors on a porch or in a tree.

Create your whimsical dreamy nursery with Ecosprout Handmade Crochet child’s swing.

You can place a cushion in the base of the swing for extra comfort, or placed behind the back of baby/child to help support them as they grow. Please be mindful to not raise baby too high in the chair. They should be securely seated behind the supportive rattan frame and macrame knotted crochet.

Product details:
- 100% Natural Cotton
- Curved natural rattan framing

- This swing has four extremely strong multi cotton rope hanging supports at each corner of the swing which are fastened securely to a centre loop (extra strength and top quality)
- Use only if child can hold head up with full neck and body support - up to 20 kgs
- Hang hammock at a safe height
- Always hang securely - if you are hanging inside it needs to be attached to a beam or ceiling joist. (You can also find standalone hammock swing holders online!)
- NEVER leave child unattended as this is not a safe place for any baby/child to sleep
- Never hang your hammock near an open flame or heat source
- Use responsibly, we are not responsible for any possible injuries incurred while using this product
-Can be used inside or outside.

Swing Measurements:
37cm Depth x 36cm Width x 32cms Height
Tassle length 22cms
Length of macrame cotton hanging supports - 103cms

Hardware for fastening into the ceiling is not included

Hanging your hammock at a safe height
It is also important to hang your swing chair at a safe height, close to the ground. If you have high ceilings, you’ll need to extend the length of your swing. You can do this using a securely tied rope or chain which you can purchase at your hardware store.

You can spot clean your swing with a damp cloth and mild detergent. If you have your swing hung outside, just be sure to bring it inside when it rains to protect its appearance.

Please note that because this item is handcrafted, there may be slight variations and/or small imperfections. (Nothing that will alter the safety of this product.)

Sorry international freight is not available.