• Rattan Bassinet Foam Mattress Ecosprout

Rattan Bassinet Foam Mattress


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Medium firmness with great natural support. 

Fits perfectly with our Rattan Bassinets.

Comfortable, breathable and safe for your baby to have a great rest and sleep.

  • Cotton Cover
  • Size: 82cm Long by 52cm Wide Oval

If you use a Baby monitor movement sleep system which fits under a mattress, please understand that Baby Monitor sensor pads are made of plastic and therefore do not breath. This will reflect moisture back into the mattress. Unfortunately, this can be the reason for a mouldy patch to appear on your mattress. To avoid this, please use a breathable washable mattress protector between your mattress and your monitor pad. You will need to air your mattress out regularly if using a baby monitor pad.

Please ask for advice. We have the solution for you.