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Haakaa Oral Syringe

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The Haakaa Oral Syringe is the perfect way to administer medicine, milk and liquid diets to premature or just plain fussy babies in a mess and waste-free way. Our dual-angled ports on either side of the nipple shoot liquid into the sides of your little one's mouth instead of the back of their throat to greatly reduce the risk of choking! When feeding a baby using a traditional syringe, you have to use a combination of the hard nib (which could damage your baby’s delicate mouth) and your finger to make it work. The Haakaa Oral Syringe makes things easier by providing a soft silicone nipple for babies to suck on when they feed! Instructions: Measure the proper dose of medicine into the syringe, then double-check the amount. Position your child in your lap facing away from you. Introduce the syringe into his/her mouth and after your baby starts to suck, slowly push the syringe plunger in.

  • Food-grade silicone and non-toxic PP plastic.
  • Dual-angled ports in the nipple tip disperse medication sideways into your child's cheeks instead of the back of 
the throat.

  • Soft, pacifier-style teat. Pacifier-style shield to make it 
safer to use.
  • Clearly marked measuring bar ensures accurate 
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning.