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Heirloom Bolga Moses Basket - Vintage Vegan (with Mattress)

Adinkra Designs
  • $239.00

Authentic Bolga Vegan Moses Basket with breathable foam mattress
Baby Moses Baskets are handwoven in Bolga, northern Ghana, using natural materials provided by the earth so you can be sure there are no chemically laden materials used, particularly important to avoid for newborns.

We at Ecosprout are extremely grateful to be able to partner with Adinkra Designs based in Ghana in Africa. 

To help the good work of Adinkra and AYI Ecosprout will be donating NZD$10 for every Moses Basket, Change Basket and Dolls Basket sold. The donation will go into an account to be transferred to support Adinkra Project and African Youth Initiative Centres (AYI). 

Therefore by purchasing one of these baskets you too can be proud of supporting these projects and the wonderful community in Ghana.

Baby Moses Baskets are ideal for a newborn baby as they are cosy and the lightweight portability of the basket makes it easy to keep the baby close to you wherever you are in your house. If you need to travel while your baby is young, the baskets are easy to transport with you to your accommodation, unlike a bulky and heavy portable cot. The Moses Baskets continue to be useful long after the baby outgrows them. They can be used for toy storage and can be handed down to generations.

Basket measurements may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product but on average will measure approx

70-75cm length x 38cm width x 28cm height.

The Mattress included is the perfect fit for the African Moses Basket.

Ventilated Foam Mattress

Please Read This Important Safety Message HERE

How do you reshape a Bolga Basket?
Sometimes in transit, the elephant grass of your Bolga basket can get out of shape. They can also change shape with temperature changes if placed in a compromised position.
Once you have received your basket, unpack and simply dip into a large basin, bath or spray with warm water for a minute or so. Let the basket rest for five minutes, allowing the grass to absorb the moisture and become pliable. Bend and reshape your basket as required. Sometimes you may find that you need to do this a few times. Once it has been reshaped let it dry naturally.

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