• Moses Basket Round Mattress : Foam Nursery Baby First
  • Moses Basket Round Mattress : Foam Nursery Baby First
  • Moses Basket Round Mattress : Foam Nursery Baby First
Baby First

Moses Basket Oval Mattress : Foam


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This bassinet foam mattress is designed to offer customers with a more affordable price point option. Note these are 4cms in depth only as opposed to Wool Organic option which is 8cms depth. 
Baby First rounded ends Foam mattress is also Enviro-Fresh protected. Enviro-Fresh Protection is a formulation which is proven to eliminate bacteria (including staphylococcus aureus), yeast, moulds, algae and dust mites. This reduces the incidence of disease and by removing dust mites, reducing allergic reactions such as those causing asthma.

Perfect fit for Ecosprout Moses baskets and African Moses Baskets.
Foam with poly-cotton cover.

Dimensions: 79.5cm L x 38cm W x 4cm Deep

We recommend using this Cotton Quilted Mattress Protector.

If you use a Baby monitor movement sleep system which fits under a mattress, please understand that Baby Monitor sensor pads are made of plastic and therefore do not breath. This will reflect moisture back into the mattress. Unfortunately, this can be the reason for a mouldy patch to appear on your mattress. To avoid this, please use a breathable washable mattress protector between your mattress and your monitor pad. You will need to air your mattress our regularly if using a baby monitor pad. Please ask for advice. We have the solution for you.

Care Instructions
Turn the mattress regularly
Place your mattress in the sun and air your mattress every fortnight