• RuaKids Sweet Breeze Spritzer 50ml

RuaKids Sweet Breeze Spritzer 50ml


A 100% child friendly and natural air freshener. Ruakids Sweet Breeze Spritzer can be used in those nappy change situation where a little floral scent is needed. You will love the smell of this spritzer, it leaves the environment with a divine aroma and is totally free of nasty chemicals. 

Suitable for babies over 3 months

Rose floral water/hydrosol
Lavender floral water/hydrosol)
Yang Ylang Essential Oil (Cananga odorata)
Solubiliser (derived from coconut and almond oil)
...and nothing else!!

Disclaimer: this product is to support kids wellbeing based on the well known traditional use of the ingredients. It is not intended to replace any medication or cure medical conditions.

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