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Merino Vintage Baby Blanket - Marl Grey

  • $149.00

Merino Wool Baby Blanket perfect for a bassinet or pram

Ecosprout Merino Wool bassinet blanket is supersoft, and snuggly warm - the best blanket for Autumn and Winter months. Using only the softest and low irritant merino wool this blanket is delicate next to babys skin and perfect for keeping your precious newborn warm in their moses basket, bassinet or stroller.

You have the comfort of knowing they are safely resting under only the purest and most natural and breathable of yarns.

Gorgeous naturally dyed stripe design, this cosy blanket will become your family treasured heirloom blanket for years to come.

The perfect gift, generously sized for everyday use.

Made of 100% Pure Merino Wool by Ecosprout

Size: 80 x 100cm

Colour: Marl Grey

How to wash your Super-soft Merino wool blanket:
Properly cared for Wool Blankets, will provide a lifetime of comfort.
First Wash:
Your wool blanket can be used immediately without washing.
The first wash will bulk and soften fibres. You can machine wash as long as you use a cold-water wash, short cycle and delicate gentle spin.  Please place the blanket in a Lingerie bag for extra care. 
Because Ecosprout Wool blankets are made with NZ and Australian super soft Merino wool, NO detergent is required. You can add a wool fabric softener if you wish. Pull blanket when wet back into shape and lay flat/ air dry in the shade.

Your blanket will have relaxed and softened with a 4-6% shrinkage factor which is normal, and accounted for in the weave.

Regular Care:
We recommend wool blankets are washed only once or twice per season then regularly aired and spot cleaned as required.

Your baby knows nothing but purity so our products are designed to keep it that way. This means we source only the best quality natural fibres from nature, including this luxuriously warm New Zealand Merino Wool.

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