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Organic Baby Bedding

It’s important to get your baby’s bedding just right. Make it easy with our selection of natural and Organic Cotton Blankets, Certified Organic Sheets, and Merino Wool Baby Blankets which are all at once safe, warm, and breathable. Both bassinet and cot sizes are available. We’ve also partnered with leading global brands like Protect A Bed - their mattress protectors provide a barrier against dust mites and allergens and are made from 100% waterproof natural surface fibres so they’re breathable, machine washable and dryable. You’ll never need to try and clean a mattress again!

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Only The Best Organic Bedding For Your Baby

Creating a special space for your newborn for the first time is always exciting.

With our range of the most comfortable, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious baby bedding? It’s also never been easier!

When you need added warmth for the winter months, wrap your baby up in our soft, low-irritant Merino Wool Blankets. They’re made with only the purest, natural breathable yarns. If you’re setting them down to sleep, do so on top of our 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sheets, which are available in fitted two packs so you have spares in the event of an accident.

Accidents are a part of your little one’s life, so why not protect their bedding from allergies, dust mites, stains, bed-wetting, and bacteria with Protect A Bed? This leading, global brand is perfect for those toilet-training months. Meanwhile, the revolutionary Miracle Membrane barrier keeps your baby safe with a backing that isn’t noisy, hot, or clammy like most other brands.

From the twinkle twinkle of little stars to undersea adventures, there’s sure to be a cot sheet, blanket, or piece of bedding here that you - and your little one - will absolutely love. Reversible options add wonderful variation, in a pinch. So whether it’s for the cot or the car, rest easy knowing you’re setting your little one down to sleep in, on, and under only the best, natural bedding.