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Snuggle Hunny Change Mat / Pad Covers

Effortlessly style your nursery with Snuggle Hunny Kids beautiful change pad covers. Made with stretch jersey cotton fabric, these dual-purpose covers fit change pads and bassinet mattresses alike, providing parents with a versatile and practical nursery essential. Changing time has never looked so good.

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Multipurpose change pad covers for busy parents

We understand how important practicality is for life with a newborn. Items that are easy to use and easy to wash are perfect for busy parents, which is why we absolutely love these multipurpose change pad covers from Snuggle Hunny Kids.

Snuggle Hunny Kids change pad covers are soft, stylish, and versatile. The crease-free stretch cotton jersey covers fit change pads and bassinet mattresses perfectly, whether they’re oval or rectangle shape. The fabric is also ideal for year-round comfort, no matter the season.

Available in a range of gorgeous prints, Snuggle Hunny Kids change pad covers make a great gift for expecting parents. From fun patterns to plain hues, the extensive range is a delightful addition to nursery décor, adding sweetness and style to the place where you and your baby will spend the most time.

Add a touch of flair to changing time with Snuggle Hunny Kids change pad covers.