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Baby Changing Baskets

Choosing the right changing basket for your newborn is easy with our natural selection  lightweight and adorable woven baskets. These make the perfect portable change station that can be used almost anywhere, with or without a changing table to prevent any unexpected mishaps!

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A Beautifully Practical Changing Basket For Any Parent

From our lightweight and adorable woven changing baskets which are foldable and perfect for travel, to our lovingly handcrafted rattan changing baskets, our range of changing baskets are a beautiful and practical solution to suit the needs of any parent.

Our changing baskets are easy to use on the bed, sofa, or the floor with or without a changing table. For increased comfort add one of our woolen or ventilated mattresses, or use a soft organic cotton towel for easy washing.

Whether it is for home or on the move, ensure you are prepared for any unexpected mishaps with our range of natural changing baskets. They’re the perfect, portable changing area. Plus, they’re versatile enough that you can re-purpose them into a toy basket, magazine holder, or tray once your little one grows up.