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Jersey Wraps & Swaddles

Swaddle your newborn in the softest jersey wraps from Luna’s Treasures and Snuggle Hunny Kids. Made with beautiful, breathable bamboo or cotton, you can wrap your baby just the way they like and give them a feeling of safety and security in their first few months of life.

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  1. Luna's Treasures Wraps Bamboo Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set : Nautilus
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A swaddle that's delicate, just like your baby

Swaddling your newborn in one of our gorgeous jersey wraps is the perfect way to provide them with a sense of closeness when they’re out of your arms.

Available in a range of beautiful colours and prints, our jersey wraps are made from the softest, most breathable fibres that secure your baby while still allowing for flexibility. Whether your baby likes their arms wrapped or their hands free, our wraps stretch to meet your baby’s optimum comfort. They’re versatile, too. When they’re not comfortably wrapping your little one, they can be used as a lightweight blanket, pram shade, or feeding cover.

Take your pick from our range of Luna’s Treasures bamboo swaddles or Snuggle Hunny Kids cotton swaddles for the perfect way to wrap your little bundle.