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Baby Comforters

Give your little one the gift of a special companion with our range of adorable, environmentally conscious comforters. A fun mix between a soft blanky, dummy holder, and plush bunny toy, they’ll be cherished for years while also helping with sleep training and resettling newborns during the night.

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  1. Lily and George Baby Toys & Activity Equipment Comforter: Bailee Plush Bunny
  2. Nana Huchy Baby Toys & Activity Equipment Comforter : Pixie the Bunny
  3. Ecosprout Baby Gift Sets Gift Box : Nautilus Muslin & Mini Muffit Comforter
  4. Ecosprout Baby Gift Sets Gift Box : Forest Muslin & Mini Ears Comforter
  5. Ecosprout Baby Gift Sets Gift Box : 3 Pk Cloths & Muslin Comforter

The Perfect, Cuddly Companion For Every Newborn

Your child’s first companion is the one they’ll remember for life, so we understand it’s a tough choice.

All comforters are 100% cotton and they’re ideal for newborn babies and sensitive little ones with allergies, asthma and healthy ones that want to stay that way!

Each comforter has a dummy clip holder (for holding your child’s dummy), as well as a back neck loop with Velcro so you can strap them to the pram or nappy bag so they don’t up and hop away. They’re also warm hand washable, so you can keep your little one’s toy hygienic - we all know it will end up in their tiny wee mouths eventually!

From ‘Rose the Pink Bunny’ to ‘Cubby the Teddy Bear’, you’re sure to find a special companion for your newborn. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll receive the comforter in its own beautifully lined gift box with a complimentary gift card and envelope. The perfect gift for your little one or as a baby shower for the new parents in your life.