BIBS Denmark Dummies, Pacifiers & Soothers

BIBS Denmark’s range of classic yet colourful dummies, pacifiers, and soothers are the ideal way to comfort your baby from newborn right through to 18 months of age. They are made with 100% natural latex and safety tested to comply with Australian and European safety standards (AS2432-1991 and DIN EN 1400).

Classic, stylish pacifiers to soothe and settle your precious bundle

Designed to imitate a mother’s breast, BIBS Denmark’s pacifiers, dummies, and soothers will bring instant calm and comfort to your restless baby.

BIBS Denmark has been creating classic round, cherry-shaped dummies for over 30 years. The convex shield on this tried and true design ensures your wee one is well-ventilated at all times while protecting their precious, delicate skin.

BIBS Colour Pacifiers come in two different sizes that are perfectly suited for your baby, from newborn (0-6 months) right through to 18 months of age. Available in pastels, neutrals, brights, and even glow-in-the-dark colours, these pacifiers are fun, stylish and extremely practical.

Team up your BIBS Denmark dummies or pacifiers with one of our Lluie soother holders to ensure your baby has their beloved pacifier handy whenever they need it.