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Lluie's teething toys are handmade in Melbourne with natural wood and finest silicone. All Lluie baby products have been proudly tested and certified to meet the mandatory Australian Safety Standards AS/NZS8124 by an accredited testing laboratory.

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  1. Essential Soother Holder with Clip : Peach Teether Lluie
MADE WITH DEDICATION Every piece is made lovingly by hand. This allows LLUIE to be directly involved in the design and crafting process - so every piece is special and personally made.

DESIGNED TO COMPLEMENT A MODERN LIFESTYLE LLUIE pieces are designed to complement the interior of modern homes and enhance living spaces. No more putting away garish looking toys for visitors nor do you have to put up with the undesired cacophony of battery operated toys.

ENCOURAGES IMAGINATIVE AND CREATIVE PLAY LLUIE non-battery operated toys provide the opportunity for little ones to engage in open ended play. Imagination and creativity are encouraged. It is traditional play at its best.

CERTIFIED TO THE HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARDS LLUIE design process is rigorous and full attention to detail is given to ensure compliance whilst never compromising on style. After the designing stage, each one of their designs are sent to an accredited testing laboratory for independent testing and certification to the Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS LLUIE use AS/NZS ISO 8124 certified non-toxic food grade silicone beads in their products. These silicone beads provide one of the best options for a baby's toy as they are resistant to stain, resistant to bacteria, safe in appliance (freezer + dishwasher), waterproof and extremely durable.

LLUIE also use natural premium quality European beechwood which have beautiful grain. It is left unfinished to prevent possible allergies. You may choose to treat it with your preferred oil or wax. The beechwood rings, shapes and beads used have been machine polished to a silky smooth finish - you do not need to worry about splinters. Beechwood is also naturally anti-bacterial.

BEAUTIFUL & FUNCTIONAL DESIGNS LLUIE products have been seamlessly designed to incorporate style and functionality. Their baby toys function to stimulate baby’s sensory, motor, cognitive and creative learning pathways and also serve as beautiful heirloom pieces. They are your favourite heirloom toys reimagined with a modern twist.