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Haakaa FAQ

Haakaa FAQ

Haakaa Products Frequently Asked Questions

We have proudly been stocking Haakaa's range of baby and Mum products for over seven years and understand how both parents and babies love these products! Below is common questions you might have about some of the more popular products from Haakaa, if you need more details you can always head to Haakaa's site and find out more!

Why has the silicone has gone cloudy on my breast-pump or shields?

A clear silicone can become cloudy after using detergent to wash them, this is not indicate any danger. Silicone is absorbent therefore some colours and fragrances can be absorbed into the silicone causing it to cloud. It is still 100% safe to use but we recommend that you use soapy hot water to wash them, and to sterilise to boil in water for 2-3 minutes.


I used a bleach-based detergent on my Haakaa product, is it still safe to use?

Using choline (bleach) on silicone can cause the material to become sticky and unusable. It will also reduce the lifespan of the silicone. Determine by look and feel of the product, if it is fine then it is safe for you to use. To be safe you can always sterilise it in boiling water. 

My pump isn't working well anymore, it seem to have lost its suction what can I do?

Our bodies change all the time and more so after pregnancy and the birth of our babies. Make sure you attach the pump correctly:

1. Fold the flange back.

2. Squeeze the pump and place it centre on your nipple, use your other hand to get a good position.  

3. Unfold the flange and release your grip around the pump. The more air you can squeeze out of the pump the stronger the suction. 

A pump can last from anything from several months to years, but it all depends on how it's been cleaned and how often it's sterilized. 

When using the nipple shield my nipple gets pulled into the shield, why is that?

There are two things you can try, first is to just place the shield on your breast without suction it on. This allows your baby to naturally create a suction on the shield. 

Second thing you can try is to fill the teat on the shield with some breast milk, you can try and express some then place the shield on your nipple and let your baby latch on. 

These are some advice from Haakaa and you can visit their site for lots of more information!