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Baby Blankets

We stock the highest quality natural fibre blankets, made with 100% Cotton, Organic Cotton or Merino Wool. Generously sized baby, bassinet and cot sizes. Our baby blankets are designed for a Bassinet or Moses basket and perfect for out and about; in the pram, car, or as a much-loved ‘blankie’. No matter your choice, each one is made consciously and designed to be passed on to the next generation.

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  1. Ecosprout Baby Gift Sets Gift Box : 3 Pk Cloths & Muslin Comforter

Natural, Organic Blankets For Your Nursery

Our selection of natural Cotton and Merino Wool blankets means your little one’s cherished ‘blankie’ is only a click away. Maybe it’s a super soft Cotton Blanket that’s made from the most breathable, 100% organic Cotton? Or perhaps one of our wool blankets? They're beloved during winter months or cooler nights the rest of the year, crafted with soft, low irritant Merino Wool.

There are colours and styles here to suit all tastes, with sizes to fit cots, bassinets, and baby’s first bed. Sleep in style and comfort, with a range of gorgeous organic dye colours that keep your baby comfortable and your nursery colour coordinated. For added variation, consider a reversible blanket.

Whichever of our blankets you fall in love with, sleep easy as your little one gets a good night’s sleep under only the purest, most natural materials that are free from toxins and pesticides. Soft, safe, and machine washable, our baby bedding is the ideal gift for your baby or the new parent in your life.