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Baby Book : Let's Go Ruru

lil peppy
  • $24.90
Lil Peppy created Let's Go Ruru Baby Board Book for babies 6+ months. This English/Te Reo lift-the-flap book teaches cause and effect while engaging your baby's brain with rhythm and rhyme. Sharing a book with your baby is a perfect opportunity for bonding, cuddles and learning.

Developing an understanding of cause and effect helps your baby learn that the world around them responds when they act. This gives your baby more control over their environment while helping to develop crucial communication and problem-solving skills.

Rhythm and rhyme are critical to developing listening and speaking skills, which lay the foundation for reading and writing.
  • English/Te Reo
  • Loose leaf board
  • 170mm x 170mm
  • Ink Vegetable Soy Based
  • Certified with FSCTM
  • Recommended for babies 6+ months