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Baby Touch and Feel Book : Jungle Animals

  • $24.90

Black and white baby books are a great choice for newborns and young infants. These books feature high-contrast black and white images that are visually stimulating for babies and can help develop their visual skills. The bold patterns and contrasting colors are easier for young babies to focus on and can capture their attention.

This book combines black and white illustrations with colorful images of baby animals, providing a stimulating visual experience for infants.

  • Touch and Feel Texture
  • Handy clip to attach to strollers / cots
  • With squeak, a rattle and crinkle paper for sense stimulation
  • Dimensions: 15x16x5cm

This book has: 

  • Soft touch fabrics
  • Crinkle elephant ears and nose
  • Squeaker in koala tail
  • Rattle in sloth tail
  • Hippo soft velour touch tail
  • Flamingo crinkle sound tail