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Picture Book: Thank you

Beatnik Publishing Ltd
  • $29.90

Thank you

I am super proud to sell this most enchanting kids' book.

Thank You, Is the most precious book. You get lost in the most beautiful illustrations, subtle storytelling, helping us to remember that we share this world with others and to be Thankful.

Mum shouts, "time for bed." Moon whispers, "time to play."

Felix's adventure starts with a whisper...

This is one of the most enchanting stories and illustrated kid's books I have seen and is sure to win many book awards!

Dana Winter is an Artist and Mother living in Oakura, New Zealand with her husband, two ebullient daughters, a dog, and a fat black cat. And happens to be my gorgeous talented sister-in-law! 

Her dream is that all living things on Earth are valued and cared for, regardless of their use to Humans. Her first picture book, Thank you invites readers to experience the wonder, vibrancy, and generosity of our natural world.