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Organic Bamboo Fitted Bassinet Sheet : Dove Grey

Mulberry Threads
  • $49.90
The perfect sheets for newborn skin!
Mulberry Super soft woven bamboo bassinet sheets are made with organic bamboo, offering a luxurious softness that you won't find anywhere else. Their lustre provides a silky texture without the slipperiness of silk, ideal for sensitive skin, eczema sufferers and any skin allergies.
Bamboo is hypoallergenic, naturally anti-bacterial and wicks moisture away from the skin making these the perfect choice for your new-born baby.
Rest easy knowing you are providing your precious baby with the incredible softness of bamboo.

Product dimensions:
Fitted 59 x 96 x 14cm

As the bamboo is a natural fabric and not treated with any chemicals, it may experience slight pilling during initial use in response to friction, however this is removed or reduced through the washing and drying process.
•    Super soft against newborn baby’s skin and great for sensitive skin
•    Highly absorbent – wicks moisture away from the body
•    Breathable and Thermal regulating – keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
•    Hypoallergenic
•    Naturally antibacterial
•    Made from a biodegradable, renewable resource
•    Panda-friendly - the bamboo we use isn't the same species that pandas eat
•    tested and approved for harmful substances - OekoTex Standard 100 certified.

100% bamboo viscose


- Never use hot water when washing your sheets. We know it’s hard to imagine that cold water is effective, however, due to the clean nature of the bamboo fabric, there is no need to use warmer water.

- It’s preferable to wash them alone, however, if they do have to share, please place the sheets in a lingerie bag to help protect them against other harsh fabrics. Washing the sheets with rough fabrics can cause pilling or damage.

- Line Drying is preferable but you can place your sheets in a dryer on low. We know it isn’t always practical to dry your sheets on the line (keep in mind the sun is great at killing any bacteria!). If you choose to tumble-dry your bamboo sheets, make sure you use a delicate, cool setting.

- Never use any products that contain bleaching agents, optical brighteners or fabric softeners. These products will break down the composition of the bamboo fabric or remove the dye colour