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Wool Mattress Protector by Dri Cot: Cot

NZ Wool Blankets
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Moisture Resisting Wool Mattress Protector by Dri Cot

Treated with natural lanolin for moisture protection this product performs extremely well for many years with the correct care and will give you peace of mind knowing your baby is sleeping on a natural fibre.  Made by 100% NZ wool.

Two sizes available:
Bassinet: 45x75cm
Cot: 75x90cm

It is advisable not to put any vinyl/plastic sheeting under the mattress protector as this causes condensation and has an adverse effect on waterproofing.

Washing Instructions:
1) Hand rinse in warm water
2) Dry thoroughly- lay flat out of direct sunlight
3) Air thoroughly

*Do not wash in soap/detergent as this will disperse natural water proofing.

Note:  It is important not to wash too often and not to use strong soaps or detergents.